The Butterfly Series

How's everyone doing today? Y'all doin' alright? I hope so!! Great news!! I've just uploaded my Twilight Fanfiction on Wattpad. I'm 4 chapters in, and it doesn't even stop there xD. Along time ago, well I'd say 11 years ago, I wrote my first fanfic, which back in it's days I had named it 'The Sacrifices and Dark Nights of Rose'. Long ass title, I know, but I was like what...13 years old?! Lol! Its when I had gotten introduced to Twilight really, thanks to a friend. Today, though, its been changed to Red Butterfly. In it's entirety, the Butterfly Series will be a 2-part book. The only thing that will be similar to Twilight is the concept of Vampires and Werewolves. The rest, like the personality of characters, the storyline, scenery, will be different.
And yes, because I had written at such a young age, my grammar sucked, and there was too much of unwanted dialogue. But now its been overly revised, and feel confident enough to share with the …

Forbidden Fruits, Amazon Paperback, and News...

The title says it all!! I have a new short story collection coming out soon, and I can't wait till I'm done with the editing process :D. Now I'm not sure if I want to add 3 or 4 short stories. The 4th one is still not even halfway done as I had just started working on it like 3 months ago, and only was able to reach up to chapter 2 -_-. The first 3 will be over the paranormal, supernatural, and sci-fi genres as the 4th one will be an erotica ;D. I'm just trying to widen my horizon in the writing world to see how far I can go with things. Of course, all 4 have romance in them as I am a big fan on the big ol' romance. And I know most of the gals and lads just love to cozy up to a good romance.
Forbidden Fruits cover - Canva Website (it's been a part of my life lately). Don't you just love it?! Can't stop marveling at it!

And towards other good things, I'm proud to say about Amazon creating a paperback book option. This SO MUCH HELPS without going from…

Open for Product Reviews

Lately, I've been having emails sent to me to review products for companies. Now as much as I don't mind giving a post to review a company's product, I'm actually very picky over which products to review, and that's only products that interest me. And trust me, I've let down a number of products where they wanted to pay me a good price!!
Of course, I don't prefer to be paid as I'm giving a whole honest review of your product on my blog (I'll even share it on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram along with a link that you provide to me where anyone can buy them).
So companies, artists/writers, talented people, here's a list of what I'm open to review (top 3 being the most):

Makeup/Nail products.Clothes/Jewelry/Shoes (Email me for my clothing and shoe size).Hair Products (from straighteners to mousse).Fragrances/Perfumes.Books (In the Fiction genres only!!!).Music.Movies.Household Items.Piercings (Right now I have my earlobes, industrial…

Strength of a Woman

Hey Blog! I'm back. So much turbulences in these past few months...I'm just glad the worst is behind and in the past, and am in a better situation right now.
Men think women are weak beings, because of all the housework we do, how we study for our degrees, how we work, and make our own money. I mean most people don't think we can handle situations that are bigger than us, especially when we lose everything all at once. I didn't even see it coming myself where I had to put my big girl panties on...
I'm not going to go into all the specific details of what happened in my life. I'd like to keep that part private since I might have too many family members stalk my blog. Anywho...
By the time I had quit my full time job I had gone back to school for the fall semester. So I had to depend on my husband financially. Of course, I didn't go back till I had his full agreement to financially support me, and he agreed. Well, courses changed pretty quick. Before school e…

About Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Ok so, I'm sick of the term saying "A better love story than Twilight"...
What the hell people!!!! It's like romance book of the years. The movies may not have been as good as the books, but the books were really beyond awesome and captivating!
Yes I'll admit my love for Twilight (it has my heart). It's the first book I ever read before getting into reading. And thanks to Twilight, I'm into not just reading but writing too. In fact, my first writing was a fanfic based on Twilight, and as of now I am working on it by heavily editing the work of a 13 year old (lol) and will be publishing it on my website soon (many changes are coming).
I really don't understand why so many people hate it. Writing should be fun and FICTION! Meaning, you can do whatever you want when it comes to writing. Fiction is based on making up worlds and things while you write away, and that's what Stephenie Meyer did! Yeah she may have made sexier vampires, werewolves that you…

Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy Book Review...

Holy Hell!!!! 
I just finished the last book in the 50 fucked up Shades of Grey triology, and I gotta say damn!!!! I'm in love with the story/series (and I thought I wouldn't). And I am very much in love with tender-hearted Christian Grey (do you exist as handsome as you are in the book?! Show yourself! LOL). I'm fangirling there for a moment.

Having a shitty past does affect the person you become. It's true. And thanks to Mrs. E.L. James on writing this story, it shows us in this version. Really though I feel Christian. He may be this successful CEO (and kinky sexist ;D), but really he's just this type of dude that just doesn't click with overwhelming emotions. He can control a woman in bed, but he can't control himself when it comes to affectionate praise and thinks of himself the worst.

Oh Christian. You have my heart melting and throbbing for you.

Moving on to Anastasia
I respect Anastasia for the type of woman she is for handling C…

Ronnie's Confession...*Spoilers*.

***Warning: Contains Spoiler***
All of my characters (even if they are evil, and yes some of my non-evil characters hate me for it) have a special place in my heart. Being their only special therapist, I love my job because of them!

I get "unexpected" visits from my characters who need someone to talk to, I end up being their Psychologist/Therapist - I mean who doesn't have problems or need someone to talk to every once in a while. The visits are so unexpected, my brain conjures up an office!
And earlier today, a sweet young man visited me in my head wanting to talk.
Dear ol' sweet Ronnie boy - Donnie's lover, for those of you who don't know. He is quite a fascination.
So we talked about how things are going for him. And honestly, he's too frustrated from his own mother, and the thing going on with Jessica - his supposedly arranged future bride.
And this happened BEFORE he even decided to go back to Donnie (short story that will be published soon!).