Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Novel...What Everyone Should Know About...

Hello There :D.
I have finally decided to self-publish my first typed, over-edited series called The Midnight Scars series. I am publishing the first book to it called Wicked Road Part One. Just so you all know I have been working on this book for almost 2 years. Why? Because every time I felt it finished, it still didn't FEEL done to me, especially with the editing process. But now...It is almost done! I HAVE GOTTEN AN EDITOR AND WILL BE WORKING WITH THEM! I HAVE ALREADY SENT MY BOOK TO THEM! I hope for the best for my book. I have worked SO hard on it, and still continue to do so with all my stories. Reviews, criticism, opinions are free to be told :). Please don't be too harsh though. This book to me is one of a kind. Very unique.

Donnie's world is not safe.
Not what she expected at least.
After seeing her parents die in the fire just twelve years ago, she wished she was burnt alive with them to not live in the horror today. Mathew, her foster brother, whose parents abandoned when just a newborn, has a dream to have a successful band with his two best friends. But things take a horrible turn when Marylin, Gothic, demonic worshiper/summoner, the guitarist does something sinister to Donnie. And life takes a bad turn for all of them. Marylin wants Donnie, and he won't stop at nothing that comes in his way to have her in his possession. To her, falling in love with her best friend Ronnie, was not the best idea in this case scenario. He leaves her in the cold hands of death for her to deal with alone. And Mathew leaves her life in scars, reliving the memory of how her parents died. Will she be able to cope alone and win? Or will she become the downfall of her soul by giving it up to the Devil?

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