Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Being an Indie Author...

Being an indie author is NOT easy! It has its advantages, but also its disadvantages. Being such you really need to sacrifice so much, and put in a lot of hard work as well as time. Being Indie isn't simple as 1, 2, 3...We don't have agents. We don't have publishers. We don't have book cover makers. And we surely don't have editors. We have ourselves. And if we ever decide to have an agent and publisher, it still wouldn't be easy to look for one.

> Editing:
"Ok, I just finished writing/typing my book. Now to editing...":
Now I've struggled with editing after I've finished typing up my novel. Because I knew that when I read it over, it had too many faults and mistakes. My first published novel, Wicked Road, when I first wrote it, it definitely sucked. And this was like when I was only fifteen years old. But over the years, I've changed things around into making it a better read, more emotional. There is a scene in the book that has made me and others (who have read my book so far) cry, and no I'm not mentioning it on here ;p. That's why I've taken so long into publishing it on my own. I did find a reasonable local editor for a certain price in the past, but because of my writing structure, and English not being my only language, the editors couldn't work with my book. And that devastated me. Ok, I know I'm not 100% American (But born and raised in this land of the free! Lol), but that doesn't mean my grammar/language structure suck that bad. I mean there are Americans who are illiterate >_>. But they only pointed out because of me being from a different country. Disappointment? YES! MAJOR! So I was like fuck it. Gotta work with what I have, and that is to believe in myself.
After writing my first book ever (after reading Twilight, a story emerged into my head) by hand at thirteen years old (and no I don't think I'll ever publish it as a book since it's very similar to Twilight, but I do have it published on fanfic in the Twilight category: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9917710/1/The-Sacrifices-and-Dark-Nights-of-Rose) my editing sucked ass in it too! LOL. I've been rereading chapter by chapter, and any person could tell it was the writing of a young girl who lacked grammar. Honestly, I'd be too ashamed to have it published as to how it was, so I looked it over, and edited a few chapters so far. My grammar may not be the best, but each time that I write and read, I know the more better it gets. :). If I have trouble with the grammar, then I go to my indie author bff Kristi Worrell (Her blog: http://faellinangel.blogspot.com/?zx=85ba92b9b12c9ba9 ). We've been friends since 2011, and I remember that day very clearly on how we met. :). It was my decision to start pursuing my dream in becoming an author, and somehow faith decided for us to find each other, and ever since then we've been nothing but besties. She has helped me evolve into a better author. And truly without her help, I would still be learning on my own till today.

> Cover making:
"Whoo editing done. Now the perfect cover...":
Covers...what the hell do I know about making book covers....?! This step is the hardest for beginners in the industry. We have many choices on the internet in hiring a book cover maker, but for a price. Sometimes high, sometimes low. And honestly, I have found premade covers, but none of them give me that satisfying feeling of completeness. I ask for prices for making covers from scratch, and yet they tend to be a bit pricey, so I'm obviously whamed with it all. What choice am I left with if I can't afford for one to be made? I turn to help.
One cousin of mine, God thank his soul, has helped me with my cover. And it was perfect! The cover to Wicked Road has been around for a couple of years now, and can say I don't have any regrets in using it. Without him, I wouldn't have my book published by now. I am using Createspace in publishing my books, and they do have Cover Creator, but come on, who the hell would want to use covers from a website that publishes books?! Your better off making one on your own. I have asked for his help again a while back, but sadly he's too caught up in school and work, so who do I turn to now? Myself! Again lol. Right now I am making my own covers since I'm getting the hang of Corel Paintshop Pro x7 that I have downloaded as a free trial, and its very easy to use. They give you hints on how to use each tool. Where I get the photos from are from two websites: Bigstockphoto: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/ and dollarphotoclub: http://www.dollarphotoclub.com/. I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results of me making covers on my own. I mean, the covers are even pretty epic xD. And I did not know that cover making would be addicting LOL. So far I have already made a cover to Book Two and Three of Midnight Scars Series and a cover to my Zombie short story (All unpublished yet). I would show you a piece of work, but right now they're just rough drafts, so I think I'll wait till the final draft ;).

> Publishing and Marketing: 
"Now it's time to share my work to the World...":
Uhm...Yeah not so easy as you think. In order to get a social media, you really need to grow your circle in order to get noticed. I'm not THAT noticed because I don't have a huge circle. I have me and a couple of people that I know.  But yet I try in getting out there even if I don't have much experience in marketing. I gave away some copies to family members who want to read my book, and in order to do so, kindly, I chose to buy copies of my book from my pocket. I don't mind doing so, but it's also a sacrifice :/.

You see, all of this work I can do it on my own with a little help. Yes my life would be easier with a publisher, but it's not easy finding one. And even if I did find one, where's my agent?! I DON'T HAVE ONE! Because most publishing companies ask for an agent.

I have me as the author. I have me as the editor. I have me as the cover maker. I have me as the agent. I have me as the publisher. And I have me as the marketer. 
I have me as an Indie Author.

All of this, and I'm proud to how much I have learned and achieved so far. I thank all of those who have helped me get this far. 0:). 
Thanks for reading and go on and support Indie Authors x). 

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