Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Playlist to Wicked Road Midnight Scars Series Part 1.

When I'm writing, I love to have music playing in the background (I mean come on! What writer DOESN'T listen to music when writing. It's our motivation). And when I have music playing, somehow in someway, some songs just grasp a scene in a book or even a moment in reality. Now I don't know if it's coincidental, or just the song has to come for a scene I'm writing to set the mood. It's like my iPod is listening in to my thoughts or listening to the keys on my keyboard as I type away. Just has a mind of it's own to play a specific song...
Right now I actually have music playing that plays random continuously - Flyleaf: Set Me On Fire - in the background as I write this (and I'm singing along, drinking coffee, and eating Newton Figs lol).
I like music that has meaning. From Rock to RnB (Preferably anything in the genre of rock). From local and indie to popular and famous. Sometimes tho, I'll be honest, I do like to listen to music with catchy tunes and bass such as hip-hop and techno. And it's not wrong to go a bit crazy sometimes such as dancing ;).

Alright, so not to bore you anymore with my rants, here's the playlist to the first book (MY book) of Wicked Road (Midnight Scars Series Part One):
1. Cinderella's Revenge - If Only Words Could Describe This:
..."I'm not prepared
For being your heart's desire"...

2. Alice In Chains - Hung On A Hook:
"Hung on a hook I'm a mirror
Cracked down the center I split you
Counting the clouds in a storm behind your eyes"...

3. Evans Blue - The Tease:
..."So be my massacre, 
be my masochist,
be my tease,
cause you captivate me when you stand infront of me."

4. JamisonParker - Here's Everything I've Always Meant To Say:

"Just be in love, 

and I'll kiss you like you've always wanted. 
Just close your eyes,
I'll still live as if I'm dying"...

5. Underoath - Too Bright To See. Too Loud To Hear:

"Good God if, 

your song leaves our lips,
if your work leaves our hands,
then we will be wanderers and vagabonds"...

6. Inhale Exhale - It's Myself Vs. Being A Man:

"Dreams are gone,

Nightmares are here to stay"...

7. Escape The Fate - The Ransom:

"Grab my heart,

Take this down
With your soul,
And bury it in the ground"...

8. Whitney Wiatt - Oh, The Places You'll Go:

"The night is getting darker still,

The pictures I have held inside have never seen the worlds like this,
Until you said,
Darling I'll take you tonight.
Your heart will be the only thing that's keeping me
Alive, alive..."

9. Senses Fail - Lost And Found:

"I can beg and I can plead.

But what I get is never what I need"...


1. Inhale Exhale (The Beginning of a Past theme song) - The Lost. The Sick. The Sacred:

"...Shattered hearts and bursting seams.
Life is full of expectations never to be met. 
Singing songs of thankfulness could never be enough..."

Keep in mind that these songs and lyrics are in no way MINE! All copyright and original soundtracks and lyrics belong to their owners. This is only intended for fun use! If you want their music, please go buy the original soundtracks! Lyrics came from

Now spoil yourself with a cookie ;).
Your welcome! 
(Picture not mine! Only intended for fun use. All copyright to owner).

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