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My First Interview by Faellin Angel.

Interviewed by Faellin Angel (aka Christina Worrell author of Shade's Loss, An Angel's Ascent, and many more): Please meet H'deel Batnij, brand new indie author of Wicked Road. She is a dear friend and literary associate of mine. She's worked hard on publishing her book over the last year. Ms. Batnij is in the final stages of publishing Wicked Road and it will be released early January. I've taken the pleasure of asking her some questions so you can get to know her. If there are any questions you'd like to ask not listed below please check out her facebook page, and ask away. The sweet and wickedly beautiful H'deel is always up for a chat about her book! Enjoy! ~FAELLIN ANGEL. 

>Q1: How old were you decided to write?

>A1: I was 13 years old when I first decided to write. That is after I first read Twilight back in 2006-2007. I wasn't much of a reader before then, but I was hooked! Lol. And from that day on I've never stopped reading or writing. 

>Q2: Describe how it feels to write and how you feel you've finished.

>A2: When it comes to writing something new I feel great and really happy! But the process takes a little long since I have to write and type out everything, and my mind is like "Hurry up and finish!" lol. But I still tend to take my sweet little time, because I want the story well written, enjoyable and unique. All my stories are 100% fiction. When I finish the whole writing/typing process it also feels great. Now, finally, I can read over my book, and see what I missed and what I can make feel and sound better. And when it's done it means publishing it to the public ;D.

>Q3: Share a small bit of your book, a page you feel will seduce readers into checking it out.

>A3: Hmmmmm...that's tough lol. There are many enjoyable parts to me in the book. This is one tough question. Wicked Road talks about love, life, loss, demon possessions, magic, and horror. It explains the works of magic. I have done a little research about magic, and to honestly say, it has a mind of its own. It can be used for bad or good both white and black magic. Just depends on how a person uses it. There is a part in the book (in Chapter 7) where Donnie esplains to us what she has learned from researching about magic...And the part to seduce readers...Here's a mini snippet from Chapter 8 (a little explanation: this part is where Donnie and her best friend Ronnie share their first kiss, showing to each other that they have feelings for one another. The part where Ronnie has shared everything with her over the years, and he kept as a secret from her): "So basically even though you have dreams you want to achieve on your own, your just letting your mom take over things?"
"And you're not doing crap about it?"
"Even if I tried, nothing can convince her. She's too hard-headed. And trust me, I already did try. But nothing budged that stubborn streak. And if I even think about moving out on my own, she'll just drag me by my ears back home."
"So you're giving up?" I wanted to shout at him. 
He winced. "Donnie I lose the fight every year, every time we talk about it. I keep losing. I lost hope in trying." 
A while later, while taking it all in, I said, "I guess it's for the best then."
"For the best," he repeated looking into the distance.
I opened my mouth wanting to say something else when suddenly, he turned to me, and his lips were touching mine. Softly, but quickly. I responded back to him, bringing my body closer to his. He cradled my face carefully in his hands. My heart was beating inside me fiercely like an awakening volcano. It was unbelievable. The feeling, the rush, the adrenaline. It felt so good. I have never in my life felt this way (that's because I've never kissed a guy from before). It made me tingle all over. And made my body feel like ice melting in a hot pan.

>Q4: Who has motivated and helped you most with your current book, and how? You can list up to three people.

>A4: Honestly, seeing all these successful authors, and self-published authors with their books motivated me to write, and keep going. I don't have any specific authors to point out. Because I think every author is unique to me in their own way. Getting help wasn't easy, but who helped me with my book was Amel, a friend of mine from Algeria. She helped me start on covers. More like crappy ones lol. It was a start though, because I didn't know how to do a cover to begin with. Then came along my cousin, Khaldon Batnij, who helped me with the very first awesome book cover for my very first novel, Wicked Road. And then came along Christina Worrell, who's a party fanatic, supporter, and always gives a lending hand. She's the one who introduced me to publishing really. And hasn't left my side even when I vanished for a couple of months from writing. All three are my supporters who helped me with this book. Without them, I'd be really struggling by now.

>Q5: Where do you see yourself in a year?

>A5: Well in a year I'll be going to College that's for sure. More like trying to finish it. I keep taking half a semester off every year. I'm looking forward to publishing all of my Midnight Scars series next year. And perhaps some short stories as well. That's the year I'm seeing. And hopefully it'll turn out to be a good year. Other than that, nothing else really.

>Q6: If you could take one friend, and make them into a character who would it be and why? Describe the character.

>A6: That's another tough question lol. Hmmm...Maybe....gah I can't decide. I don't think I'd pick anyone to be a character from my friends. I know some of them personally. But I don't see them being a character in my book. I prefer my characters fresh from the imagination, but sometimes with some traits from me.

>Q7: What's the hardest thing about becoming an author in your opinion? 

>A7: Hmmm...I think it's the critiscm that comes from people when they bash about other books. That alone makes me nervous. And I totally understand if someone will not like my book. But that doesn't mean to bash it so badly. Although you know what, if someone doesn't like my book, and wants to bash it, BRING IT ON! I was born for this. And publishing my book is a huge step for me. I've prepared myself for this, and I've brought myself so far. So, let's see what the criticizers have in store for me x). I look forward to it. PLUS, honestly, if someone criticizes my book I'll learn to be a better writer anyway :).

>Q8: What do you think is the best part of being an author?

>A8: The best part in being an author is people loving your work, wanting more of it. The one that would make me feel really great is someone complimenting on my work. Also, when someone turns their life around telling me they fought obstacles in the way of their path. Because I have some stories that talk about abuse, and self-harm. And in some way, the characters in my imagination happen to turn their lives around to the better by battling against what harms them. I do hope some of my stories can change some people's lives around.

>Q9: Do you have any pages, other than your own, you'd like to share?

>A9: Yes! If you haven't checked out Christina Worrell's (aka Faellin Angel) books, please do!

Also, I suggest checking out D. Apodaca's Captivated Triology. Kelly Creagh of Nevermore. And Simone Elkeles Perfect Chemistry Triology (this book leaves me in tears). There are other great books out there too. Keep an open mind 0:). 

>Q10: Share a little about your adventure in becoming an author and publishing your book.

>A10: Hooo...It's been one long, bumpy ride for me lol. Covers, editing, writing, feelings, dreaming...you name it! But I'm looking forward to more, and am dang ready for it too x).

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My Novel...What Everyone Should Know About...

Hello There :D.
I have finally decided to self-publish my first typed, over-edited series called The Midnight Scars series. I am publishing the first book to it called Wicked Road Part One. Just so you all know I have been working on this book for almost 2 years. Why? Because every time I felt it finished, it still didn't FEEL done to me, especially with the editing process. But now...It is almost done! I HAVE GOTTEN AN EDITOR AND WILL BE WORKING WITH THEM! I HAVE ALREADY SENT MY BOOK TO THEM! I hope for the best for my book. I have worked SO hard on it, and still continue to do so with all my stories. Reviews, criticism, opinions are free to be told :). Please don't be too harsh though. This book to me is one of a kind. Very unique.

Donnie's world is not safe.
Not what she expected at least.
After seeing her parents die in the fire just twelve years ago, she wished she was burnt alive with them to not live in the horror today. Mathew, her foster brother, whose parents abandoned when just a newborn, has a dream to have a successful band with his two best friends. But things take a horrible turn when Marylin, Gothic, demonic worshiper/summoner, the guitarist does something sinister to Donnie. And life takes a bad turn for all of them. Marylin wants Donnie, and he won't stop at nothing that comes in his way to have her in his possession. To her, falling in love with her best friend Ronnie, was not the best idea in this case scenario. He leaves her in the cold hands of death for her to deal with alone. And Mathew leaves her life in scars, reliving the memory of how her parents died. Will she be able to cope alone and win? Or will she become the downfall of her soul by giving it up to the Devil?

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Midnight Scars Series Part 1
Wicked Road

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