Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Book is Finally Here and LIVE!!

Wicked Road (Part one to the Midnight Scars series) is finally PUBLISHED and LIVE!! OMG I'd love to thank so many people who have supported me through my first published book. It means so much to the world to me! I am working on other projects right now, and will work on part two very soon. Right now, I'm trying to get my work out there first, and getting everything prepped. I do have a website in progress, meaning still working on it. Finally after six years, and its PUBLIC to the World! <3.

I haven't done the release party yet, but that's due to because of me travelling overseas in the summer, so I had to delay the party till after I come back. There will be prizes, and autographed books! Join in the party:


Also, here are the links to my book:
Createspace Paperback:
Smashwords Ebook:

Come show your support as well by interacting with my page (Never miss an update!):

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