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Trusting sites that ship clothes/items from China (like dresslily, light in the box, tbdress, rosewholesale, etc)? (with PICTURES!)

Ever since getting married, I haven't had much transportation to go anywhere, especially since my husband was working too much, and I needed clothes. He couldn't give me a ride anywhere that was open when he came home late at night. So I started looking for some way to get clothes online, and came across some websites that sold clothes for a cheaper price than what they sold in stores.
Buying from sites online, such as dresslily, sammydress, dresslink, lightinthebox, ericdress, tbdress, aliexpress, and other sites similar to such, is indeed a bit questioning especially coming from somewhere far away such as China. So, when I buy from sites like dresslily, lightinthebox, tbdress, and other many sites similar, I look up what people say about them such as reviews and feedback. And usually it's mostly negative feedback. It's either somebody who has had bad experience, bad customer service, package lost, and other such negative things. So after reading the bad reviews I told myself what the heck. Just go for it, and see what happens. And I did.
I've never had any trouble. Never. Guess you could say I'm one of the many lucky ones.
What if those people who claim to have negative experience are people who give negative feedback all the time?
The customer service provided by these websites are indeed over my expectations. They provide the best customer service ever. Once you have any concerns about any items or shipping and handling, they respond to you on live chat rather very quickly. If you send a message, they respond to you the next day or two.
Some certain sites have limits with certain sizes though. Meaning, there are some sites that only have one size, and some sites have from a size small to a large. You rarely are able to find sites that have over a large. Also, keep in mind that when buying from such sites, you might want to get a larger size than your normal/regular size. So make sure the sizing measurements are correct, and a size larger before ordering/making your final decision.
"What you pay for is what you get!" Its a true quote in this life. The material of certain items, depending on how much they cost, is pretty cheap. But if you really take care of the clothes/items then you won't have much trouble. I'm the type to take care of my stuff and things, and they last me for a long, long time.
Also, some certain sites have different prices, but still carry the same item. So make sure to choose whatever pleases your pocket :). Some certain sites give free shipping too, but it takes forever to come to your destination. But not over a month.
Everyday there are sales going on on these websites. So keep that in mind. And they go for many days. And when you buy from certain websites, and have an account with them, they actually give you coupons so you can still save more money xD.
I've been buying clothes from some of these retailers for a year now, and continue to do so. The only thing I dislike about some certain sites is sometimes the shipping and handling costs way more than what you are buying. And way more than what you can afford.
If you buy clothes from these sites, and they are smaller than what your size is, I suggest you give the clothes away or sell them. Because if you try to ship it back and get a refund, you might end up paying more for what you paid for just for shipping.
I have an addiction to fashion ;p.
So without further ado, here are some things I have bought from some of these sites. Also, keep in mind, I am not affiliated whatsoever with any site. I am only a customer!
My dress sizes range from 8-10 which is around Medium. Sometimes I get a large which goes from 12-14 depending if a dress looks too small.
*TBDress: http://www.tbdress.com/
1) http://www.tbdress.com/product/Elegant-Halter-Thick-Dress-10179138.html (Summer).

Material is very stretchy, very thin, and tight. I like the scrunch that goes with this dress. Its a halter tie so you can lower or higher it as much as you'd like. When I wear this, I stretch it as far as I can to make me feel comfortable walking around, and not make me feel like its too short. Also while stretching it, I like to keep its texture. Preferably its more wearable for a club rather than an outing. But I wear this only at home in front of my husband. :). And he loves it. Shows him all my curves. ;). I got this for $8.79 back in the day. But now they raised it to $10.59. Sidenote: It's a free size, and they only have it in black.

2) http://www.tbdress.com/product/Carefree-Korean-Style-Slim-Long-Sleeve-Dress-10185125.html (Summer).
I actually liked this linked dress. I got it in a medium, but it didn't fit me through the arms. I have chunky arms. And was pretty frustrated about it. But the under part of the dress actually somewhat fit my chunky thighs. Remember, I got this in a medium which is an 8-10 dress size. So if you're a medium like me I suggest you get a large. And it seems like they have it in those sizes only now. At the time I bought this it was $6.79. Now its $9.09. So since it was small on my upper body part, I ended up giving it away to a good friend of mine that fit her perfectly. She's much more shorter than me, and way more skinnier - petite size when I look at her lol. Sidenote: only available in this color.

3) http://www.tbdress.com/product/New-Korean-Style-Slim-Long-Sleeve-Dress-10409884.html (Fall and Winter).

This is somewhat thick material made out of cotton, but tight. It'll show all your curves depending on what size you get. Its more suitable for fall and winter rather than the heat in the summer. The material stretches so that's a plus. It has a couple of buttons going on there for how high or low you'd like cleavage to show. I sometimes wear this when I'm going out. Mostly though I just wear it in the house. The dress is long sleeve, and the length of the dress reaches just right under my knees. I do prefer to wear long sleeve so I won't have trouble trying to match a short sleeve with a bolero or a short jacket to match it. And when I wear this, I like to raise the sleeves just below my elbows. When I got this, it was for $10.49 instead of the price right now which is $14.09. Sidenote: It is a free size, and only comes in this color.

* DressLily: http://www.dresslily.com/
1) http://www.dresslily.com/solid-color-leggings-product540041.html (Any time of the year).
This pu leather leggings were too tight on me once I've received it. I really wish they had it in different sizes since the design on it is pretty cool. And the material was pretty soft, but you can tell it was cheap. Beware though it only looks like that from the front. From the back it's made out of legging material. It stretches alright, but it's not suitable for women/girls with big thighs, and a big butt. It barely went past my thighs when I tried this on. And when I tried to stretch it from my legs under my knees it was too, too tight. Back in the day, I bought this for $6.77. Now it's $18.56. :/. Prices are so high lately, I wonder why. Since it didn't fit I gave it away to one cousin of mine. Sidenote: only comes in this color, and its one size.

2) http://www.dresslily.com/solid-color-dress-product549473.html (Spring/Summer/Fall).
 With belt (belt not included with dress when buying from website).
Without belt.
I LOVE this dress. It's black and simple, and fits no matter what size you are. They have different sizes, and I got this in a medium. Its a strap dress, and has tying straps from the back to tighten it as much as you want from the breast area. You want it loose, then keep it loose ;). I prefer to give figure though. You can match it with a belt to give it a little extra, but I prefer keeping it's flow. I used to wear this on occasions (writing in past tense means I ended up losing it while flying back to America from overseas with a whole other stuff in one big luggage. Since it's gone now, I have reordered it again from another site). And my husband loves it on me. When I go out I like to wear tights underneath it, and a bolero on top. When I first got it though it looked more like a night gown than a dress lol. When I bought this I got it for $16.77, and right now it's $18.85. Sidenote: Only available in this color.

3) http://www.dresslily.com/stilettlo-heel-and-zipper-design-sandals-for-women-product367171.html (Spring/Summer/Formal/Fall).

I wore these stilettos at a wedding overseas with a matching dress. They were comfortable for a couple of hours, but, me, in my own opinion, I had to take them off to dance properly ;). I'm not much of a dancer in heels lol. But these are cute. The design really makes your feet stand out when wearing an outfit. My feet size are between 7.5 and 8 in American, so I got them in a 39 (8). When it comes to the shoes, you can get them in the proper right size of your foot instead of getting a larger one. I got these for $13.70. Now they're raised for $24.14. Sidenote: Only available in this color, but varies different sizes (make sure to check the sizing chart they have on their website beside the size of the product).

4) http://www.dresslily.com/casual-and-stylish-style-buckle-and-studs-embellished-high-heeled-boots-for-female-product46707.html (Fall/Winter/Depending on night/mood)

These are GORGEOUS! I love these. They're stylish and very comfortable. I've got many compliments on them, and people have asked me where I've gotten them from. These are more suitable for a chic/rock-ish look. I like to match these with skinnies, dresses, and skirts. These were actually a bit pricey when they were on sale for $22.83. And thank the lord I got them at that price. Now they're up at $36.90. I wouldn't have gotten these if that was the price in the beginning (You really got to love sales!). I also got these in a 39. Sidenote: Only available in this color.

5) http://www.dresslily.com/flower-pocket-watch-alloy-necklace-product468564.html (Anytime of the year!).
I love this necklace/clock watch. It has that retro/vintage feel to it. And it's not short. But comes with a long cord. Not sure what the measurements are, but it's long. In fact, I'm wearing it in the picture below:
I had this necklace. But lost it along with the dress in the picture from my flight overseas. This locket does open, and inside there's a watch, so it comes in handy ^_^. I got it for $5.57. Now its down to $4.67. Lucky you guys get it cheaper! lol. I will be reordering this necklace in the near future of course.

*EricDress: http://www.ericdress.com/
1) http://www.ericdress.com/product/Well-Made-Deep-V-Neck-Stripe-Print-Lace-Up-Halter-Maxi-Dress-10925300.html (Spring/Summer).
This dress is beautiful! I love it! It's a halter (you tie it around your neck and adjust how low or high you want it), and very, very stretchy material. If you're between S-L, I suggest you get this in that size M they have available. I'm between those sizes, but for not being sure, I got it in an XXL which turned out as you can see it. Too long, and it can get wider. They only have this in Medium size, and XXL as I searched for proper sizes on other websites, and they all turned out the same (the prices were even higher, and this was the cheapest). Turns out that those two sizes fits all of us, because of the stretch. The bright blue and purple actually pop out :). I got this for $19.49. And right now it's still the same price. With shipping, I got this in total for $23.70. Worth every buck!

*AliExpress: http://www.aliexpress.com/
1) http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6065962706.html (Formal/Special Occasions).
I  let my husband pick this dress out for a wedding I was attending overseas for a close cousin of mine. I had too many options on this website, so I made him pick, and this one caught his eye as well as mines. It has the satiny feel, and leopard design. Here I am wearing it:
 YES IT WAS TOO LONG! Even as I wore heels it was still too long. I did get it shortened, and resized since it was very wide mostly by my breast area. I got this in a size 12, and it was why I had to resize from my sides since it was from China (I lost some weight too while being overseas). But beware, even if you get it for a 12 (and you wear a size 8-10), the skirt of the dress will be tight, and when you sit down it will hike up. And show your panties! Yup! I wore tights under these, and as you can see a bolero. I didn't feel all that comfortable not wearing tights at all, because I had a feeling what will happen. Plus the skirt is too short (thank the lord for my back up plans). It is a one shoulder strap. Aside from it's couple of mistakes, the dress is lovely. I bought this for $51.60! Yup that price. When you look at it it looks more pricier. And I chose free shipping (on this website they have a lot of awesome cool stuff worth free shipping! The website also offers you to buy from them in quantities, and sell them worldwide, and they sell in bulks for a cheap price!). Sadly, even as I bought this dress, and wore it for a special occasion, it didn't come back with me. But got lost in the luggage while coming back to America :(. Sidenote: Wish they had it in purple or black, but they only have blue available. 
Anyhow, here's two pretty pictures of me at my cousin's wedding ;p ^_^:

And another two pictures to brighten your day: Meet Muse :3 (a month ago lol).

Right now I do have a package coming in from DressLink (http://www.dresslink.com/). It should be here in a couple of days (it's almost been a month). :).

These (and more) websites are adding new things everyday so make sure to stay up to date with them (sign up for their newsletter to get coupons and discounts or simply make an account for free), and enjoy your shopping experience. Because I always enjoy my shopping :3.

Thanks for reading!

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