Monday, January 5, 2015

Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy Book Review...

Holy Hell!!!! 

I just finished the last book in the 50 fucked up Shades of Grey triology, and I gotta say damn!!!! I'm in love with the story/series (and I thought I wouldn't). And I am very much in love with tender-hearted Christian Grey (do you exist as handsome as you are in the book?! Show yourself! LOL). I'm fangirling there for a moment.

Having a shitty past does affect the person you become. It's true. And thanks to Mrs. E.L. James on writing this story, it shows us in this version. Really though I feel Christian. He may be this successful CEO (and kinky sexist ;D), but really he's just this type of dude that just doesn't click with overwhelming emotions. He can control a woman in bed, but he can't control himself when it comes to affectionate praise and thinks of himself the worst.

Oh Christian. You have my heart melting and throbbing for you.

Moving on to Anastasia
I respect Anastasia for the type of woman she is for handling Christian. Seriously, she's this woman who can be controlled but also have control, and I like that in her. Especially her good heart in changing Christian with her innocence (thank GOD she was still a virgin when she met him! Virgin girls - who have less boyfriends - are the best when it comes to books. Something special about them. Grateful I lost mines to my husband at the age of twenty ;p). I loved Anastasia's character.

Although there were some parts I just feel as if everything was being shoved in certain dialogues, still, the book held its ground. And really the book seemed to be more of interesting Christian Grey rather than boring Anastasia Steele...uhm....GREY! >.<. The book was written in her POV (and books that are written from main/leader character are more interesting than switching POV from second to third), but it was always about Christian since they were always together. You know if she's at the office, she's thinking about him/emailing him. If she's in her room, she's thinking about him. When they're at dinner, he's touching her/teasing her/playing with her (whatever), and really just describes what's going on in a moment while with him.

Christian's character has grew in the book and improved as well as Anastasia. Christian went from controlling and I-know-what-the-fuck-I'm-doing-all-the-time to I'm-crazy-falling-in-love-with-you-and-I'm-scared-about-these-different-emotions-I've-never-felt-with-anyone-before. Yet he, in the end, accepted who he is, his past and present as well as his future with nothing but love and passion in his heart <3. Anastasia went from o-m-g-I'm-a-virgin-and-I'm-shy-I've-never-done-these-things-before to ok-get-the-niche-your-boyfriend/husband-is-the-CEO-of-his-own-company-so-get-used-to-it-and-the-sex-and-control-that-comes-along-with-it. Seriously, gotta love Anastasia. Basically, in these books (especially book two and three), Christian let's out his adolescent side and Anastasia becomes a mature young woman.

I can imagine myself being so extremely shy just having sex the first time...wait a minute...I DID once was so shy (even after) for my first time. In fact, I was so shy, I mean what if I do something wrong?! And then as for money, well...shiiiiiiyyyyytttt. I would never want to take money from my bf nor fiance. Husband I can understand ;p. No, but still, I was shy at first to use my husband's money (mind you, I never took from him nor let him buy me anything when we were bf/gfs and fiances. He bought stuff on his own >_> and I still objected. Anywho, enough about me, back to the review...

To be honest, I highly recommend this triology. It's got a great storyline that won't disappoint, kinky sex you'd want to experience (;D), characters that you can click with, and I sure damn as hell look forward to the movie/s. Now I know the main characters have already been picked out, but I imagined them both much more in facial features (more handsome and more beautiful).

Keep in mind that this triology is not for kids under 18 (yes I said it). This series has a high description of sexual content/BDSM. Oh, and this is my first longest review ever ;). I loved the books THAT much.

Thanks for reading and stopping by!

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