About Me

"Born and raised in Texas." *Texan accent.* ;D.

Howdy y'all! Glad y'all stopped by my blog to read about me. Oh, y'all such stalkers ;p. It's alright. It's fine. I understand what y'all need to know is what y'all need to know. Let's get it going then, shall we? x).

LOL. Mind you that part of me is Texan ;p. 

Moving on...
Oh do I have so much to say about myself...Where do I even start...?

Ok let's go with this...:
I am a twenty-one year old college student who is currently married to the man of my dreams. I live in Houston, Tx. When I'm not writing, you can find me getting lost in a book, smoking flavored tobacco (hookah) while drinking mango juice, listening to new music, and attending classes to keep me busy. I plan on taking a BA degree in Literature to teach High Schoolers.
I want to be that type of teacher that gives motivation to her troubled, and untroubled students...Or to anyone for that matter...
I also plan on taking film classes in order to film my own novels/short stories cause surely I don't think anyone else is going to do it for me as the way I want it. Plus, I prefer to learn things on my own...
Life is too short to not get anywhere where you want to in life.
Random fact/s: I like collecting candles o.o and different various pens. And I'm a big shopper!
Find me on the internet!

...Hmmm. Not enough. I  feel like there should be more that needs to be said...

*Thinks for a moment.*

*Notices her audience is waiting.*


Religion: OK let's starts with Religion. I was born and raised Muslim in an Islamic household. For a couple of years now though I don't practice it anymore. I'm more like just trying to ignore anything that comes from religion, and just put my beliefs believing that there is a higher power. There are many reasons as to why I'm moving away from religion. One of them it's because all Religions just cause too many problems. Second, I don't really have a good history with certain Muslim people nor certain Muslim family members. You can read it all here.

Blogging: I love blogging every once in a while and talk about many things that come to mind :). Hence why this blog is called 'My World'. 

Writer/Author: Yup, that's right. H'deel Batnij at your service xD *Salutes*. My writing reflects on how I see the world and how it was for me in the past (you can read me defending my writing here). So you'll find my writing pretty dark, scary, gothic, sad, mysterious, thriller, suspenseful, and romantic (you can read a couple of my short story works on Wattpad. So far I've written three. 'Dead Pool' is a dream I've had based on Zombies, and 'Best Of Friends' and 'His Parents Tragedy' are based on Wicked Road). I have published my first novel just this year titled Wicked Road (Midnight Scars Series). So far, all I've heard is good things from those who have already read it. Have you read it yet? No?! OMG, what are you waiting for! You're missing out on a really good story! You can buy it here in ebook format or here in paperback format. Hope you enjoy it :D. I have other stories coming out. Next one up that's coming out very soon is a Zombie Short Story titled The World At End (Left Alive for The Dead Series). Make sure to keep watch when it comes out by following my blog. 

Gamergirl: I'm fond of video games. Give me a controller and I'll have learned the buttons in 2 seconds xD. I sometimes play on the PS3 or Xbox360 only when I have time. Lately, I haven't attacked a controller, and I'm feeling I might get a little rusty :/. Too busy to play D: when you got a house to take care for, a husband, work, blogging, reading, socializing, and writing. Yup, where is the time when each day isn't filled with so many hours :/. You just gotta sacrifice something...But on the other hand, let's talk about Nintendo64 ;D.

Animals/pets: When I see a harmless animal injured what do I do? OMG I'll go to it's rescue while bawling my eyes out :(. Be it a dog or a piranha.....Jk on the piranha part. Vicious little fishes...Anywho, I own two pets. One a cat who goes by the name Muse and a ferret who goes by the name Fuzzy. I let my husband name our cat. We've gotten him just this year yet the ferret I've had him before I met my husband which was in late 2011. I couldn't figure out what to name him as I wanted something special. So when I got him I looked up ferret names and decided on Fuzzy :). Oh and I have a couple of fishes in a big aquarium :D. So that's three pets ;). 

Zombies: Dear Lord seven Heavens and Earth, Hell and the Devil as well as Beezlebub, must I say more?! Anything zombies for me, especially movies. I have a huge love for Zombies on Tv or DVDs.

Favorite Colors: Black Black Black Black and lots of Black. It's all I'll mostly wear like I'm going to a funeral *snickers*, and you'll find my closet being filled with that color everywhere. And then there's Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Gray. Mostly Purple from these different colors....No Brown, No Yellow, and certainly No Pink x(. And White Dx. Bright light...Bright light...

Fanatic For?: Horror (sometimes a good romance) movies and anything dark (other than movies). Movies today though freaking suck! Nowadays, all these movies have sex scenes, and I'm just like "is it really necessary to have a freaking sex scene in every movie today?! What ever happened to the old classic romance where a kiss and a hug looked very intimate or a look in the eye?!" I also like to cut my own hair and color it different dyes at home. Thanks to bleach as it has fried my hair though, I couldn't color my hair different colors for a while, so I had to go with normal, human colors -_- blah. Boring...I like anything that has to do with skulls and crossbones, love nature, roses (red or black or purple ;p), reading, writing, cooking, traveling, swimming, dancing, singing, the galaxy...:).

Piercings: I have my nose pierced and my belly button pierced. I also have both of my ears at the bottom ear lobes doubly pierced. I plan on getting a cartilage and bar next :). Take this from somebody who has a deep fear from needles...>_>. 

Music: My taste in music varies. I'll basically listen to anything that's in the Alternative genre, rock, Screamo, Emo, Gothic, Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Metal, Rnb, Some Hiphop/Rap, and French Gypsy Jazz. My artists go from Motionless In White to Marylin Manson. From Sleeping with Sirens to Bring Me The Horizon. From Breaking Benjamin to Papa Roach. From Flyleaf to Chevelle. From The Beautiful Mistake to AKissFromJersey. From Christina Aguilera to...Christina Aguilera, lol (I'm not much of a fan for pop, but for her, I'll always make an exception :)). From Suicide Silence to The Black Dahlia Murder. From Beats Antique to Pentaphobe. From CocoRosie to Amon Tobin. From Jhene Aiko to Keyshia Cole. And last but not least, from various hip hop/rap artists to various hip hop/rap artists ;p such as Young Dro to Trey Songz.

Want to chat, and talk about life or need advice? Just email me at hbatnij8393@gmail.com! Will be waiting.

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