Corpse Series

Finally, the time has come to show off the first installment in the Corpse series, which will be a 4-part story. I just love a book mixed with paranormal, mystery, horror, and lots of romance! It seems that every time I write a story, the last three genres have to be portrayed in most of my books.
The first book, which is titled as The Exposed, is the first in the installment. It's already been published on Amazon. And not to keep you guys waiting, the link is below the photo.
And, because you guys are awesome, here's a little insight from the book. Enjoy!!
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Bite - Chapter 9,
School again was a drag. And Lily wasn't there either. My house...well, nobody ever noticed I ever existed except for Charlotte. I still played with him, and brought him nice things. The car was a useful thing to me when I needed to go shopping or something. Practice, I've become a target to everyone. They practice with me since I've become one of the best fighters. Jay even took me on higher level fighting with those two punks, Knuckle and Brass, and different highly trained trainers.
“Hello Alanna,” Zeric's voice greeted me from beside me while I was on the computer looking for Jordan her dream dress.
I inched away from sudden fright. But relaxed when I knew who it was.
“Jumpy?” he told me.
“It's a habit I won't get used to, I guess,” I answered him.
He stood behind me. Like real close behind me. His head was over my right shoulder looking at the computer screen. “Looking for a dress?”
“It's, uh, not mines actually. It's for a best friend of mines. If I don't participate, my hair will be shaved off.” Jeremy already got me a dress actually. I can't believe he bought it, but he did. He had good taste, I should say. Although I never tried it on to see how it looked on me. And neither did I tell anyone about it. The reason is because there's an eighty-five percent chance I'm not going.
He sat back down on the bed close beside me. “Your friend seems to be the dareful kind.”
I laughed. “You really don't know her. Once Jordan sets her mind to something she'll do it.”
Here he was unexpectedly, and I wasn't even formally dressed. I felt exposed wearing my low tank top, and short shorts. I rose my knees up to my chin, and arms around my legs to cover my flesh. But that didn't work obviously. It was all flesh against flesh. And I wasn't going to get up from my seat. That's for sure.
Nothing worked once I saw his eyes go from my legs to my face. Slowly, I gulped hopefully not loud, and not noticeable. Oh my God! He was a Corpse. I'm alone in my room with a Corpse! How deadly was that! And my skin was showing, and my blood was flowing. He was just four inches away from where I sat. I decided to distract him. “So, what brings you here unexpectedly?” My heart quickened its pace once he shifted closer to me.
He brought his face forward. His elbows rested against his lap, his hands supporting his chin. “Just came to see you,” he told me not looking away from me.
I shrugged my shoulders. “You just up and came?”
“Yeah. Problem?”
I scoffed. I felt offended. It's like I have no privacy in my own room anymore. “Oh, of course not. Go ahead, come on over any time you just like the others. You know what else, you can invite your buddies in too! We can have a party. You might as well come in when I'm at my most nakedest.” I sarcastically said.
He again examined me, and moved closer. He changed his position. He placed his elbow on top of my desk by the edge, and rested his fist against the side of his head, what looked like, to get a better view of my face. He smelled good. And black was definitely his trend. Every time I saw him he always wore the same color, and the same thing. I wonder if he had a wardrobe that had the same clothes.
“Can't you just at least give me some privacy when I'm in my room? A knock would be nice, you know. I mean, this is my room,” I confessed.
He took my hand in his. I shivered from coldness. He turned it around baring the blue veins in my wrist. Then, in a blink of an eye, and in half a heartbeat I find myself on his lap. “I really did come to see you,” he said in that scratchy yet manly, alluring tone. He traced my veins that showed against my skin. I shivered at every light touch, and my hairs stood up on end. “Do you know how dangerous I am?” he asked looking at me, staring deeply into my eyes.
I didn't pronounce a word. I couldn't.
“I mean, you should, you have to run away from Corpses. How can you stand being this close to me?” His hand slid down to my bare leg.
All I did was shrug. And say, “Because...I believe that goodness and evil is a balance. I believe that not all Corpses are bad,” I said in a panting tone.
He chuckled as his hands cupped my cheeks and his thumbs caressed them. “The good hearted Alanna. Why can't I stay away from you?” he asked me.
I breathed in a low voice, “I don't know.”
He lowered me on my bed, and he said, “Because.” He lowered his body on top of mine, and was bringing his lips to touch mine. “I want you mine, and no one else's but mine,” he completed with a slight growl.
My breathing became rapid, I had to swallow the extra saliva forming in my mouth. Damn! That's the hottest thing I've ever heard or anyone has ever said to me. I felt so hot and bothered in unknown places I'm not familiar with; I blushed from it all.
He crept his face in closer, and his hand skimmed down the left side of my skinny curvaceous body. I couldn't move as I can't believe this was happening. And finally his wide, perfect lips touched my small full ones. At the beginning it was slow and warm. In seconds it was getting hot, and faster. I couldn't breathe as my lips began to melt in sync with his. He let me breathe when he went down stroking my neck with his lips. I was too nervous in wrapping my arms around him, so I stayed dead. “Your heart sounds so beautiful,” he spoke to me in a tone of wanting.
I felt his whole body against mines. My hormones burned wanting so much in this moment, I began to raise my arms and legs to wrap around him and grind him against me, to feel him...
Next thing I knew he was thrown off of me strewn across the floor. I regained consciousness all of a sudden from the needy dream. “Get away from her, you asshole!” Jeremy spoke in a tone so frightening. I've never heard him speak in the Devil's tone.
Trigger was on his flank. Trigger had fire lit on his fingers while Jeremy had his hands ready to summon up wind. In fact, his hair began to fly in wisps and certain papers from my desktop began to lightly flutter. “I dare you to touch her again,” Jeremy threatened with a light tint to his green eyes beginning to lighten.
Zeric got up from the floor chuckling, and pushing back all his wavy brown hair.
I felt Jeremy's pain and hate hit me like a hurricane. “Jeremy stop!” I shouted. I went to him, and grabbed him by his arm that was supposed to be injured, but it was healed in the short amount of time since the attack a couple of days ago.
He jerked away, but turned to me. “He was attacking you.” I saw the anger flash in his eyes.
“No he wasn't!” I defended.
“Then? Can you give me a good explanation–.”
“He was kissing me, and I let him,” I told him to his face. I felt guilty all of a sudden.
“You let him?” he asked in shock.
I didn't answer him, but stood there with my arms crossed against my chest. And looking away from his upset eyes.
As jealousy began to form in me from him, I thought he'd leave, but he said, “You better stay the fuck away from her, you hear. Or else I'll make you wish you ever met her!”
Then Zeric smiled at him a bleak smile, and when he looked at me there was longing. I felt captivated. Suddenly, he turned into a raven flying out of my window. I had to squirm away. Before he can even get out the window Trigger burned his left wing as it became lit on fire.
I shouted, “NO,” shoving Trigger's chest hard enough for him to hit the wall that my hands sizzled. The raven kraaled in pain as he flew away. “Leave him alone.”
My hands blistered. But I ignored the pain. I wore a sweater, jeans on top of my shorts, and wore my converse shoes without socks, not tying them. “You two can stay here. I'm going after him.”
Before I can get to the window, Jeremy caught my hand saying, “Don't,” in a calm, but pained tone.
I gave him a scoff, and took my hand from his with a little force. “Well, if Trigger didn't burn him I wouldn't be going to him. Unnatural things call.” I placed my leg on the thick branch of the tree, and said, “And don't try following me. I'm really warning you this time.”
I headed to the cemetery. I felt as if I will find him there. It's what my instinct was telling me. “Zeric,” I called in a low voice. It was past midnight. So many things were creepy looking at night in the cemetery as a light fog began to form. I kept an eye out for anything unordinary. I called on him a couple of times until I found him leaning against a tree. “Are you in pain?” I asked him once we settled down on the ground.
“A little,” he grunted, wincing. He pulled his shirt off, and threw it on the ground. Good heavens. His body was an artwork; ripped and rippled. What I'd let this man do to me... Anyway, on the side there was a huge, deep dark red burn with black around it.
I touched it lightly. He winced. “It stings,” he told me.
“Will it heal fast?” I asked looking at him all worried.
“It'll heal, but not that quick. It could take weeks. Not unless I get blood to nourish it. Blood rejuvenates a Corpse's skin. Why'd you come anyway?” he asked in a tone like he didn't want me here.
I thought I got slapped just now in the face. But I ignored it. I can understand why he would talk to me that way. I would too. “I came to help you.” I shrugged off my jacket.
“Your hand...”
“Don't worry about it. It barely hurts.” Even though Trigger's hands were activated, I didn't think his whole body would be on fire like an oven over four hundred degrees.
“I'll heal it for you.”
“Heal it later. It's you right now that we need to take care of.”
“Where's our aid kit then?”
“The aid kit is waiting right in front of your face.”
“Alanna...” he said alarmed.
I cut him off annoyed by what I knew he was going to say. “Just shut up, and drink. I don't like to see you get hurt.”
“But Al...”
I took his chin by force, and made him stare at me in the eye. Our lips just inches away. I can feel his cold breath hit against my own. “Now, or else I'll force feed you like a baby,” I told him calmly.
I moved my hair away from my neck. He hesitated, not really wanting to do this. I felt his lips brush my skin by my neck. “Forgive me,” he whispered against my ear in his Russian accent.
I tingled and began to feel hot all over again – damn foreigners and their accents. I only felt a twinge of pain when his fangs sank into my neck, but when I felt him drain me I felt no pain at all. All I felt right now are amazing sensations. I felt as if I were flying higher, and higher into the sky. I said, “Take as much as you can. Stop whenever you need to.”
As Zeric was drinking me, I felt in him the need for me. Zeric needs me. I'm not sure in what way though – physically or emotionally. I don't understand why Jeremy always warns me about him when here he is nothing but a stranger who's lonely like me. He's not dangerous – not like Zeric said earlier. I don't believe he is. He's saved me from that fateful night.
The more he drank the more I felt light. I felt dizzy, my head laid limp on one side. I saw the burn on his skin rejuvenate, it was amazing. His skin came back as it was from before like there was no burn at all. My eyes were drooping with his every pull as I felt myself on the brink of death.
I felt his tongue lick from the base of my neck to my wound to the side of my cheek like I was delicious. I shivered and slumped in his arms, and he laid me in them. Looking at him as my eyes were about to black out he kisses me again, but gently. I thought I'd taste my blood, but I didn't. I tried staying awake, but I fell into unconsciousness in his arms, the one place I needed to be in to keep me safe and wanted and not push me away unlike someone else.

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