Left Alive For The Dead Series

Thanks to my sister's fiance for doing this cover for my upcoming zombie novel! 
Book 1

And moving on, as far as I have gone into this series, I believe it's only going to be a 2-part book. And I'm still not finished writing the second one as I'm kind of having author's block with it. In an author's life, writing never ends, because we work on multiple projects at one time *exhausted face*. 
For this series, expect action, romance, and lots of blood! 
Alas, here a little teaser in the already published version. Hope you guys enjoy it!
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Twister - Chapter 7,
I decided to give the girls a couple of days off since they just want to relax and chat. I never stopped though. Flexing one’s muscles, toning the body, and stretching almost every day does have its disadvantages, and I can understand that they deserve a break. Yet me, I push myself to the limit and beyond. Thanks to my father who told me to never be a quitter…
Oh my parents….so much time has passed and I missed them so much. The emotions were still raw. The boogeyman is here and alive. They are real. My parents are not here to protect me so I have to learn to protect myself…
A knock came at the door in the training room where I was listening to some soft music making me jump, and I turned my face and body towards the source. I blinked away my unshed tears. “Yes?” I answered, my voice sad.
“Just came to say thanks,” Brass answered as he leaned against the door’s frame.
“For?” I asked while sitting in my spot. I was confused as to what there was for him to thank me for.
“The girls now found a new hobby, and surely it can get them in better shape.”
“Please Brass. All I did, all I do is help them tone their bodies. No thanks there. It’s what they want.”
“Still. It’s beneficial for them. Now we’ll lose less people. Maybe none at all.”
“Are the boys getting proper training as well?”
“We do have another spare room set up where Old John and I train them, yes.”
“Was this place always an underground club?”
“No. It used to be a fitness center.”
Figures. “I see. So it seems. Is there a body building area somewhere around here?”
“Maybe. I haven’t found it...yet...Are we still on for the brawl?”
I smiled. “You betcha’!”
“Good. I’ve decided it to be three months from now. Gives you a lot of time to prepare. For me too. Hope you’ll be ready. Catch you later.”
I pretty much got used to Brass. He’s not as scary as he seems with his baggy cargo pants and cut off sleeves. And I don’t understand why Naomi and Josh are telling me to back down. I can handle myself and I surely can handle him…
Another knock comes upon the door as I’m doing one-hundred crunches with my knees bent across my chest. “May I come in?” Josh asks.
I stop what I’m doing and turn around to face him. “Sure,” I smile, blushing with sweat.
Tucked under his arm he had a white box with circles of different colors. “Twister?” I guess.
“Oh it’s a great game. You use your muscles. It’ll be good for a change.”
“I guess it would.”
Standing up, I help him set up the mat by splaying it out on the floor. He takes the board with the spinner and puts it on the floor in the center to the left between us. “I hope you know how to play.”
I move towards the end where it says ‘Twister’ to the right and take my stand. “Of course I do. I used to play it when I was small.”
“That saves me time from explaining.” He smiles taking his place on the other end of the same word. “You ever played with anyone?”
In a sad tone, I said, “No.”
He looked at me with a sadder look than what his eyes held. “I’ll make it worth your while.” He smiled a sad smile.
Each of us place each of our feet on a blue and yellow circle right before us. The colors, from right to left where I was standing, were red, blue, yellow, and green. Each vertical line of each color consisted six circles. “I’ll go first,” he says.
Since it’s just us two, looks like we’re going to have to spin the spinner without a referee. Each to his own. I’m so going to kick his ass. I’ll make sure I do. He just doesn’t know it yet.
He spun the spinner and it lands on a left foot red. He places his left foot on the third red circle on his side. Oh boy. This is going to get complicated already.
Being my turn, I spun the spinner, and it lands on a green circle left hand. So I make my way, and do the easy way by bending down on my knees and placing my hand on the third green circle from my side. I looked at him with a dare in my eye and a smile.
He returned the same.
With the music playing in the background, it was all I needed for conversation.
He spun the spinner, and it lands on green right foot. He places his foot on the fifth green circle from his side right on top of mine, brushing my skin. I blushed. “Hmmm. Getting stretched for a change Josh?”
He was struggling to keep his feet in place from slipping since the mat was made out of vinyl; designed to make us slip when we wear socks. The rule of the game is not to move your hand or foot from the circle its already been placed. No switching either. His legs were wide open apart from each end in an awkward position. In fact, my face was so close to his crotch. Could I feel my face get any hotter?! “Just trying to get relaxed,” he exclaimed. 
I laughed at him, trying to hide my nervousness. I spun the spinner, and it lands on right foot blue. So I position on a blue circle right under him, letting my leg stretch out as far as it could to the fourth blue circle. “Careful not to hit my crotch there,” he chuckled nervously when I had to bend my knee and stretch my leg out.
“I’ll try,” I winked at him.
He spun the spinner, and it lands on the right hand yellow. He brings his right arm and lands his hand on the sixth yellow. He positions himself correctly and I blush as he is just right on top of me. “Oh hello there,” he whispers.
“Hi,” I replied. My heart began to beat faster.
I put my attention to the spinner and spun. It landed on a yellow left foot. I brought my left foot and stretched it out past underneath him placing it beside the blue circle where my other foot was.
I now had my left hand on a green, my left foot on a yellow, my right foot on a blue, and now I’m left with my right hand. Josh had his left foot on a red, his right foot on a green, and his right hand on a yellow. He couldn’t move, afraid to lose his balance and lose since he was supporting his weight on one hand with his butt in the air. I began to giggle. “Shall I do the honors?” I ask.
“Go on ahead,” his gaze never leaving mine.
I spin the spinner for him, and it lands on a left hand red. I look back at him and he’s still looking at me, not moving. He has me trapped between him now. “Left hand red,” I tell him in a low voice as I gulp nervously.
After a moment, “Fuck it,” he says.
And that’s when his lips kiss against mine so hot as he circles his free left hand around my back to my waist, and holds me against him tightly. I return it all and give it all I’ve got by keeping up with him. I lower myself to the ground and wrap my arms around his neck bringing him closer to me and to taste him more...lusciously. His other hand skims down my neck, past the side of my breast, down past my waist and hips to around my behind to my thigh and he squeezes and lifts my leg up to feel him. I moan against his mouth, never feeling this way before, so hot and bothered...it was so erotic and sexy as hell. Emotions deep down between my legs began to form that I didn’t understand…
He moves his lips away from mine and I relax my arms around his neck as he pulls his head a little back to look at me. “You’re beautiful,” he whispers as he caresses the side of my cheek.
Oh boy. “Thank you. I could say the same to you, but we’ll go with handsome,” I smiled and giggled nervously.
He relaxed himself on top of me and kissed my forehead as he continued to look at me with those penetrating, sad brown eyes. He caressed my hair, and asked in that whispery lovely tone of his, “Is it worth it?”
“Better than any game of Twister I’ve ever played alone,” I confessed the truth. “But Julia. How you feel about her…”
“Shh. None of her. Please. I want to live in the moment with you now. She’s history, and I’m past the pain. My heart wants you.”
Jeez. Could he get any more romantic...?

Holy shit! I thought while feeling my eyes bulge out of their sockets as if they’ve seen a ghost. I just got my first kiss.

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