Midnight Scars Series

What does a dark but innocent girl do when Death follows her and hurts all that she loves? 
"It brought on a memory of my parents. I remembered the screaming, the pants, the gasps, the pain, the cries, and the burn. It also brought on the memory of Mathew dying. I closed my eyes and sighed deep as I counted from ten to one backwards a couple of times, something I learned from therapy a long time ago.
After I reopened them and collected myself I looked into the distance. I couldn't keep count of how many times I had felt paralyzed lately. 
I watched the fire till it all burned into ashes, till there was nothing left of it, till there was nothing left of the evidence just like the memory of my house burning down into nothingness. 
I was wrong. 
Revenge isn't always beautiful."
Book 1

Donnie not being able to take control of her own body during the day of the "recording" was terrifying and hard to believe. Thanks to Marylin, the Goth guitarist in her foster brother's band (or used to be), is not just any normal Goth. But a practiced Demon summoner looking towards a high seating in Lucifer's chair. And to do so, he needs an innocent lady who shall be his virgin bride. Donnie was perfect to his set of eyes. 
Donnie falling madly in love with her best friend, Ronnie Sykes, was not in her hands to stop it. And as the grieving months passed by she was losing herself into her own heart. Being alone definitely sucked for her when her friends were nowhere near her anymore, her best friend moving to another state, and her foster brother being dead... 
Yeah, Hell was on the loose. 
Will hope be there for her? Is there a light ahead for her at the end of the road?

Midnight Scars is a series of horror, mystery, and Gothic romance. It will only be a trilogy - 3 part - series. It has a lot of emotions that just hits right in the feels. It was my first actual story I've actually had written from my own imagination since I was around 13 or 14 years old - after my first fanfic, The Butterfly Series. Through the years there's been tremendous changes to it, because it felt so incomplete - even when it was finished being written. But, finally I feel confident enough to share it.

Enjoy this teaser from Chapter 8!
Stiff by the time the movie ended, I stretched and made my way to the bathroom. When I opened the door to my room I heard tapping on my window again. Only whoever it was used their nails. My hair rising, I stood there paralyzed. Other than Spike and Jade, who else would bother me this late? Scared, I looked around my room for a weapon. I couldn’t think of anything but the fictional book I was reading about Werewolves on my nightstand.
I held it in my hands in front of me. Slowly and silently I approached my window. Hesitating, I gulped as I closed my eyes and wished for courage. I quickly pushed my curtain aside. The person freaked and stumbled back from my sudden reaction. His hands gripped the ledge on my window. I gasped loudly as I realized it was Ronnie. I dropped the book and slid open my window for him, pulling him in my room. After shutting my window, I glowered at him. “What the hell were you doing? Are you trying to get yourself killed?” I whispered angrily.
Panting, he just lay there. I crossed my arms, sat on the edge of my bed, and looked down at his feet, waiting on him to collect himself. “I came to bring back your backpack.” He replied finally.
He didn't smile. He took the straps of my backpack off his shoulders and set it beside him. He sat cross legged on the floor. “I had to sneak out to get here you know. I'm not wasting the effort I made to come see you for one minute.” He sounded determined.
“So you couldn’t have waited to give it to me in the morning?!”
I bit down on my lip not saying another word.
“Look Don, I know you're still upset, but I did what I had to do to not hurt you.”
“Except that's it. No matter what the thing is, I'll always get hurt by it.”
He sighed and rubbed his neck. “So, you don't wanna talk to me anymore? Is that it?”
I gave up. I knew I was hurting him too. I didn't want to hurt him at all. “Of course not. I do want to talk to you.” I managed, smiling.
He stood and stared out my window. “I should've told you earlier, but our time is really short. And I'm not saying in days, but more like only a few hours.” He looked at me with those painful, glistening eyes.
I was shocked! Wide-eyed, I looked at him. “Are you trying to say you're leaving me in less than a day?”
“More like less than half a day. That's why I came to share this last night with you. I'm going to finally let out everything I've kept hidden from you over the years.”
Taken aback, I wondered what he meant behind those words. My cheeks flamed like fire blazing. The room felt suddenly too hot for me and I felt the need to cool down. Especially, to freeze my frantic beating heart. I wanted to pierce it with a pencil just to make it stop beating. I wanted to super glue my eyes so I wouldn’t cry. I couldn't speak or think. Because nothing was making sense to me right now.
But after all of this time, why now?
“My family has had these plans to move upstate ever since I met you back in eighth grade. I didn't tell you at that time, because I thought it wouldn't be important, I thought they'd change their mind, and just stay here. But I was wrong. And the more the years passed by, the more I felt our time was getting shorter. The reason my parents want to go upstate is because they want me in the best University. This is one of the reasons why I didn't join Matt's band. Also, my mom is arranging for me to marry her friend’s daughter in the future,” he whispered, gritting his teeth.
I moved closer to him to hear better. What the hell was going on right now? Why was life so against me? Why didn’t it want to see me content and happy? I gulped down on the word. “Married? Your mom?”
He nodded, looking away from my face. “I didn't know about it until today and she never took my opinion on it. She just...threw it in my face.”
Shocked, I looked away from him. Suddenly, I felt I shouldn’t tell him how I felt. Not when we would have so little time together. His mom was way too cruel. She was the cause for all of this, I was sure. I scoffed. “Why? We don't live in the eighteen-hundreds!”
“It's just how she grew up. She came from a very rich family, and they arranged a marriage for her. It’s how she got my dad.”
“But Ronnie, it's your life. Why are you letting your mom control it for you?”
He scoffed. “My mom has always planned my future. I’ve never been able to argue with her. Everyone agrees with what she wants. It’s always been like that. She just wants the best for me.”
“So even though you have your own wishes you’re going to let her control your life?” Gosh, she sounds like such a dictator.
“I know it sounds crazy, but I gave up long ago. I can’t explain it and I know it makes me look weak. My dad has allowed her to control everything since they were married.”
“And you're not doing crap about it?”
“Even if I tried, nothing would convince her. She's too hard-headed. And trust me, I have tried! Nothing will change her mind once she’s made it. Even if I moved out on my own, she’d just come along and ruin it all so I’d have to go back to her. Drag me back home from the ears if she has to. You have no idea!”
“So, you're giving up?” I wanted to shout at him.
He winced. “Donnie, no matter how many times I tried, she always found a way to make me do what she wanted.”
After I thought it over, I gave up. No matter how much he loved me as a best friend, he’d choose her over me. “I guess it's for the best then.”
“For the best,” he repeated looking into the distance.

As I turned to say something else, his lips found mine.

The Butterfly Series

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